Below is a list of our core services. A comprehensive list can be provided upon request.

Business Administration

Every business owners nightmare! The last thing you want to be doing with your precious time is admin tasks. We’re sure you would much rather focus on other aspects of your business. Not only can it be boring for a creative mind like yours but takes you away from what you do best. Here are some of the most requested admin tasks we can cover:

  • General admin
  • Client care and customer services
  • Database management
  • Data entry
  • Document creation & formatting
  • Online research
  • Electronic filing
  • Copy typing

Personal Assistance

It’s not only your business you have to stay on top off, you have a life outside of work, right. A personal assistant supports you with pretty much everything, organising the things that get forgotten due to work overload. Here are some of the tasks we know you are screaming out for help with:

  • Booking reservations
  • Shopping for birthday gifts
  • Research – holiday, deals etc
  • Online Check-in’s
  • Personal reminders for birthdays, doctors etc
  • Arrange travel & accommodation
  • Prepare presentations

Content Writing

Have you heard the term Content is King? That’s because content is known to be the heart of a business’s marketing strategy and has proven to be a success when planned and executed correctly. You not only become recognised as an expert in your field but also gain exposure for your business as well as more website visits and ultimately sales.

  • Blog writing
  • Newsletters
  • Website Content


There’s quite a lot to cover when we talk about design services for your business and the chances are designing is not your strongest point nor do you have the time or patience. Everything from your logo and business card to your flyers and social media posts need to be consistent and easy to identify as your brand which is where we step in.

  • Logo Designs
  • Branded Documents
  • Social Media Posts/Headers
  • Website Designs inc WordPress
  • Posters/Flyers
  • Brochures and more

Events Assistance

Running an event takes a lot of planning and organisation. Meeting with organisers, vendors, and other event specialists takes up the majority your time. Whilst we know you’re great at what you do it never hurts to have an extra pair of hands. Let us take care of the following and more:

  • Research and book venues
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Travel arrangements
  • Create registration documents and handout’s
  • Liaise with speakers

Social Media Management

Having a presence online can be crucial for your business. The problem is that many business owners struggle to stay on top of this themselves. Content has to be created and scheduled, not forgetting any interaction you may have to have with your audience. A VA can help to streamline this process making your life easier.

  • Social media Schedule creation
  • Content
  • Schedule posts
  • Interact with your audience (limited)
  • Creative, branded posts (example quotes and promotions).


More Services

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