Step away and let someone step in

Ready to experience time freedom?

Know you need someone to stand at the top level of your business with you, strategising and executing your vision and plans whilst managing a team, operations and your online presence?

Working with an Online Business Manager just could be your next best business investment. Together we will create seamless systems, processes and strategies tailored to fit your needs to create the work life balance and results you have been longing for.

what is an online business manager

The return of investment

The Benefits

Having an Online Business Manager (OBM) as part of your team can bring numerous benefits to your business. An OBM can help you to maximise your digital presence, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.

An OBM’s expertise will ensure that all elements of your online presence are in alignment with one another, making it easier to measure results and track progress. Furthermore, an OBM will be able to add value by taking the time to develop effective marketing strategies that are tailored specifically to your target market.

Finally a partner

You will have regular CEO meetings to talk growth plans, brainstorm ideas, review your team & business performance helping you make strategic decisions.

Free up your time & your mind

Free up your time so you can go back to doing what you love most. It’s time to stop working in your business and start working on it or on you.

More than just a task ticker

A OBM is more than a task ticker, they manage elements of your business on a management and strategic level, almost like the second brain you’ve been wishing for.

Our support means you can step away

Become the CEO of your business and allow your OBM to take care of your systems & tech, team management, client care, online marketing and operations.

“Chloe is a consummate professional and because she has extensive experience both working in other businesses and running her own, she will always make you are her top priority. She has a lot of business know-how plus with her team of VA’s, you never have to worry about employing or recruiting the right person because she knows who you need! Using Chloe’s VA services means she is responsible for all this plus, you can flex your hours to make the work fit within your financial business model. And ll of this done with a smile and a ‘can do attitude!’ – Simply the best. I know Chloe has taken a lot of the stress and worry off me after covid, and been one of our best business decisions.”

Dr Mayoni G

Founder & DR, Human Health & SkinFit

Time for change, time for a partner

Online Business Manager

All our Online Business Manager (OBM) packages are designed to have maximum effect. Delegate all or part of your online business marketing and/or operations to a business manager and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders immediately. You not only get the extra  brainpower and time but also access to a partner with the experience you need to help you grow your business, efficiently and effectively with ease and balance.


How is working with an OBM different to working with a VA?

Think of a Virtual Assitant as your task ticker, someone who is there to help you execute your plan. An OBM is more than a Virtual Assistant, they support you with your operations, clients, teams, and online marketing on a strategic manager level. 

What tools do you use when working with clients?

Supportal uses the Asana Project Management Platform to manage all client projects, tasks, deadlines, and team communications. 

What are your cancellation terms?
As much as we don’t want to see you go, we get it. You can always cancel your services with 30 days notice after our first three months of work.
What are the contract terms and duration?

We ask our clients to commit to our services for a minimum of three months in order to see your new partnership flourish.

Success is not the result of the amount of time we put in at work, but the quality of time we put in!

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