Online Business Management

When you need more than a VA. OMB’s are the extra brainpower and force you need to step into the CEO role you have been talking about.
Online Business Manager Supportal

Ready to experience freedom, flexibility and confidence! Know you need someone to stand at the top level of your business with you, strategising and implementing what needs to be done while managing a team so your idea comes alive?

Working with an Online Business Manager just could be your next best business investment.

When you work with an Online Business Manager you can rest assured that everything in your business is being taken care of so you can focus your energy on serving your clients.

Together we will create a seamless systems, processes and a strategies tailored to fit your needs to create the work life balance and results you have been longing for.



Power Hour with Chloe

The Investment – £80

Need some guidance, or a second brain to give you some insight and perspective? Streamlining your systems and processes but not sure where to start? Know automation can change your life but have no clue exactly how? Managing your virtual team doing more harm then good? It can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to always feel that way. With the right questions answered. Chloe will help you take control of your businesses chaos and turn it into a calm structure creating clarity.

Systems Setup

The Investment – £TBC

Many business owners, especially those lacking skills and time, find it hard to wrap their heads around systems, processes and automation. They need the tech expertise an OBM pocess. Chloe brings to the table her award winning organisational skills, tech knowledge and problem solving approach and dives deep into your business so she can present you with solutions! Let’s face it – systems are NOT fun when you don’t know what you are doing.


How we help small business owners

“Chloe is amazing! I have been working with her from the start of my business, coming up to 6 years now and her services continue to help grow the business.
Chlo and her team manage all my online presence which allows me time to focus on giving my clients the best of me. No idea is too much and she literally can do anything. I do and always highly recommend Supportal”
Kareen Lawrence

Founder & CEO, Executive Property Management


Founder, Future Poet

Shannon Fitzsimmons

Founder, Coach & Influencer, O So Curly & UK Curly Girl


YOur Questions answered

How is working with an OBM different to working with a VA freelancer?

Supportal provides you with both the administrative and online marketing support of a Virtual Assistant AND strategic assistance from an Online Business Manager. You no longer have to worry about every detail in your business we do it all for you.

What tools do you use when working with clients?

Supportal uses the Asana Project Management Platform to manage all client projects, tasks, deadlines and team communications.

What are your cancellation terms?
As much as we don’t want to see you go, we get it. You can always cancel your services with 30 days notice after our first three months of work.
What are the contract terms and duration?

We ask our clients to commit to our services for a minimum of three months in order to see your new partnership flourish.

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