When you look to hire a virtual assistant, there’s a whole heap of information available online to help guide you. Some of it is helpful, some are well-intentioned but some can be inaccurate and just absolute nonsense. This article helps you sort the important nuggets of gold and bust a few of the myths around hiring a VA. No doubt your searches have turned up the following fake news opinions! Here’s the truth about what it’s really like to outsource to a virtual assistant.   FAKE NEWS #1 – Virtual Assistants are Just Remote Secretaries, Right? Don’t hang yourself upContinue Reading
Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
As a small business, it is sometimes hard to make your voice heard above the noise of a crowded market. The big names in the industry have the lion’s share of the advertising power, so how do you get the word out about your products or services? Here are five simple marketing ideas for small businesses. The best bit, though, is that they won’t cost you a fortune!   Make a Video It has never been easier to make great looking online video content with little or no outlay. This is particularly handy because a video is the single bestContinue Reading
I work with many clients who struggle to manage their time effectively. They often know they need to manage this better but can struggle to make this change with a real impact. You will see the dramatic difference it makes when you incorporate a few new healthy habits and routines into your days to allow you feel like you are managing your time instead of it constantly being in reverse order. Check out my top tips below.   1. Plan ahead and set goals with realistic time frames Knowing what you have coming up and booked in allows you toContinue Reading
10 #Cunning Tricks to Find the Perfect Hashtags for Your Instagram Page
Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for your business. Images and video are well known for attracting the attentions of potential clients, but how do you make sure they see your content? The answer is through carefully targeted Instagram hashtags. With that in mind, take a look at these 10 #cunning tricks to find the perfect hashtags for your Instagram page.   What Do Industry Leaders Use? Companies across all manner of different industries are on Instagram now, so check out the kinds of hashtags your rivals are using. Research those in your niche who gain the most interaction andContinue Reading
A Local Blog for Local People: Three Blogging Tips to Help You Own Your Local Area
Many businesses with an online presence view ‘going viral’ is a real aim. However, you need to question whether being seen worldwide actually has any benefit for your business. It’s great to rack up views and shares, but can you actually monetise your 15 minutes of fame in Papua New Guinea? Surely it is better to own your local area; the place where your customers live.   Viral Blog Statistics The problem is that some marketers view overall statistics as their mark of success. If they have put the post in front of a million people, they see that asContinue Reading