Why Your Business Should Create an Online Course

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Marketing

You entered this year with the intention to scale your business, add more offerings and become an industry leader but still not quite sure how to achieve this. How can you share your knowledge with the world and educate others while making a passive income? If statistics are anything to go by, the world’s appetite for e-learning is expected to continue to rise which is why you should create an online course for your business, it is well worth considering.

The first benefit is the additional revenue you might make but we are here to tell you there is more. Here are our top reasons why you should think about adding an online course to your current offerings.


Create an Online Course, it becomes your limited asset

To launch a successful online course, first invest in research and validation. This is when you study your niche and ideal audience to identify pain points you can address through your expertise. See if there is anything that is currently not being offered, what value is missing from your competition’s offering and think about how you can fill the gap. From there you can package your findings into transformative lessons and modules.

Having made a solid investment in terms of time and effort you want to make sure your course can run with minimal effort. Most courses like anything you create will need to be updated, tweaked, and re-vamped, it depends on how large or small your course is, but overall requires little maintenance and updating once in action.

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Establishes you as a credible authority

Let’s face it, there’s so much misleading information on the internet, people are craving informative courses from a reliable sources. If that is what your business offers, the audience will mark you as credible, trustworthy, and an authority in your industry and niche. Every time they are in need, they’ll be drawn to consult you even at a fee, increasing your earnings and ratings while you sleep.


Create an Online Course and expand your customer base

Incorporating an online course as part of your business means capturing the attention of more people; those with information needs as well as those requiring your other services. Education changes people’s lives, it adds value. If you have any part to play in that even in the smallest way, they’ll always remember you.

Since people trust businesses that educate others, they’ll further market your venture to others by word of mouth, generating new leads, and expanding your customer base.


Expand and diversify your offering

You may think that you have nothing else to offer your audience or existing client base, there is! When you create an online course for your business it helps diversify your offering. It opens up another channel of income and allows you to upsell to your current leads, contacts or clients. As you grow and expand it’s all about working smart, and minimising the workload where possible. While it’s great and personable having one to ones, the truth is it limits you. Building an online course allows you to educate and reach many more people, the world is your oyster.

Having more than one income stream is smart, especially one that works without you constantly working on it. Having a passive income means you will not have to depend on a single source of revenue to keep your organisation afloat. Incomes will flow from both the online course and the selling of your services.

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Bottom line

There are many ways to scale your business in 2020 you just have to find the right opportunity and offering. If the thought of passive income excites you then it’s time you dive into researching, planning and building an online course.

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