Leveraging Asana Workspace with Your Virtual Assistant

by | May 23, 2023 | Productivity, Supportal, Tech & Tools, Virtual Assistants

As a small business owner, working with a virtual assistant can help you free up your time and increase productivity. However, managing your virtual assistant’s tasks and keeping track of their progress can be a challenge. This is where an Asana workspace comes in, providing an effective project management tool for collaboration between you and your virtual assistant. Using an Asana workspace to create smooth workflows can revolutionise the way you work together.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of using Asana to collaborate with your virtual assistant, and how to use its features effectively.


Reasons For Using an Asana Workspace with Your VA

Experts recommend it

Industry thought leaders are in agreement about the benefits of an Asana workspace for collaboration. PC Mag says: “Asana is one of the best apps for managing tasks, workflows, and—yes—certain kinds of projects. It has recently added more structure and templates for teams that want more guidance in setting up and using the app. It’s flexible, elegant, and can bend to your will. Because Asana is one of the best apps for collaboration and productivity, it’s an Editors’ Choice winner.”

Productivity gurus and successful business owners recommend setting clear objectives, assigning specific tasks to your VA or VAs, and establishing deadlines to ensure that everything gets done on time.

Asana experts suggest using tags, custom fields, and sections to categorise and organise tasks. This will make it easier for everyone involved to find and complete their assigned tasks in good time.


Make use of slick integrations

Asana offers integrations with other tools that can improve collaboration and streamline workflows. For example, the Slack integration allows team members to receive task notifications directly in their Slack channel, making it easier to stay on top of things.

The Google Drive integration also enables users to attach files and collaborate on them in real-time. This reduces the need to download a Word doc, edit it, save it, and upload it again, which can lead to people working from different versions of the same document.

Being able to hop into a cloud document within the Asana workspace makes it the ultimate collaborative tool.


Keep organised with an Asana workspace

One of the key features of Asana is its organisational capabilities. It allows you to keep all your tasks, deadlines, and projects in one place, which can save time and reduce confusion. It’s a one-stop shop for you and your VA to drop in, check on the status of tasks and any new action points, and then go and get on with the work at hand.

With Asana, users can organise tasks into projects, set due dates, and assign tasks to specific team members.

Assign tasks to specific team members, track progress, and collaborate in real-time. This means everyone stays on the same page, and the team can work together to complete tasks efficiently.

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Say goodbye to inbox overload

With Asana’s messaging and commenting features, users can communicate with team members without relying on endless email chains. This can save time and reduce inbox overload, making it easier to focus on what’s important.

If there is a comment you can go straight to the relevant task and that provides a single space in which to keep all chat necessary for the completion of that task. The information is there and clearly accessible to everyone who needs it.


Work smarter, not harder

Asana’s automation features help businesses streamline processes and boost efficiency. Recurring tasks, task dependencies, and other automation features can help you save time and reduce errors.

It means that your VA doesn’t start working on their tasks until you have laid down the necessary foundations. You can also set their tasks to repeat without spending time creating new projects from scratch, saving you time and ensuring they are fully briefed about what is expected of them in both the short and long term.


Work within your Asana workspace from anywhere

Asana’s cloud-based platform means users can access their work from anywhere with an internet connection. When you work with a VA, who might be in a different town, country, or even continent, this is essential.

Using your Asana workspace for collaboration, everyone understands what is required and when without having to sit in unnecessary meetings. You don’t need physical proximity to be a winning team anymore.


Save time and money

Using Asana for collaboration can help businesses become more efficient, reduce errors, and save time and money in the long run. Asana provides a clear overview of all tasks and projects, making it easier to track progress and ensure everything gets done on time. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and delays, ultimately leading to increased profitability.


Use an Asana Workspace With Your VA

Asana is an excellent tool for collaborating with virtual assistants and streamlining workflows. Its organisational capabilities, collaboration features, integrations with other tools, and automation capabilities make it an indispensable tool for small business owners. You can sign up here to get started with an Asana workspace.

If you want information on how a VA can help you be more productive, book a free discovery call today.

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