Why Infographics are Perfect for Displaying Your Data

by | Aug 25, 2019 | Marketing

Why Infographics Are a Beautiful Solution for Displaying Your Data

The internet was once full of page after page of text walls, but things have changed. No longer do you have to write vast tracts of dense wordage to express yourself, you can do it through stunning visuals too. If you have a lot of information to pass on to your readers, infographics are a beautiful solution for displaying your data. Here’s why:


Bitesize Information

You can find yourself getting carried away when writing plain text, but you can’t with infographics. Everything has to fit into the template and around the images. This forces you to pick out the relevant bits of information.

It’s easy to complicate text marketing messages, even though we all know that simplicity is the key. Your readers are so busy, they want the important takeaway points handed to them. Infographics do just that, they stop your audience having to hunt for the meaning in whatever data you wish to display.

If you want to show that one in ten people buys a certain product, display that in an image. Your readers know then that this is an important fact, which they might miss if it is lost in the text.


Infographics Are Flexible

Infographics work in blog articles, in static content and also as social media posts. You can use a full infographic, or even just a section of one, as a tease on your social feeds to get people to click through.

If social reach is your aim, design an infographic that crunches your data into a beautiful design in the optimum dimensions for the network. If it answers a question or adds to the debate, you will find that it is shared by your followers, by their followers, and their followers and so on.


Infographics Provide Visual Stimulus

The brain responds to visuals such as infographics with much more enthusiasm than it does to plain text. This is particularly true when there is a lot of data to pass on.

90% of information directed to the brain is visual, which processes it 60,000 faster than text. 60,000 times faster! You still need text to provide a more rounded explanation of the figures and to help Google better assess and rank your page, but a stunning infographic captures the attention and can inspire the user to read on.


Infographics Are Great for Storytelling

Your readers’ attentions struggle to survive a statistic storm, so let your infographic tell a story. In a series of simple images, you can show the cause and effect of the data you’re promoting. Display the stages of the data flow; make them human, cutesy and fun. It’s an easy way to lead your audience through the facts.


Look Gorgeous

Infographics look appealing and brighten up your site. They catch the eye of your users and entice them to stay on the page. The whole point of marketing is to attract people to listen to your message, so stand out from the crowd with a gorgeous infographic.


They Work

Even discounting all of the above, infographics are the best and most beautiful solution for displaying your data because they work. They really do. There’s a stack of research on this very topic.

Marketers who use infographics report 12% faster traffic growth than those who do not. It leads to three times as many leads as traditional marketing tactics and 90% of customers admit they find this type of content helpful. Powerful arguments, right?


Here’s an example of an Infographic, thought you could be reminded of what they look like!

Why Infographics Are a Beautiful Solution for Displaying Your Data
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Want to Start Displaying Your Data With Infographics?

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