Of the 500 million daily Instagram users, around 250 million follow at least one business. In addition, 130 million of those tap on at least one tagged product to discover more details about it. This is what makes Instagram, and in particular the Instagram Shopping feature, a key aspect for the sales strategies of businesses both big and small.

If you want a piece of the Instagram Shopping action, keep reading to find out what Instagram Shopping is, how to set it up, why you should set it up and how best to display your products to your potential customers.


What is Instagram Shopping?

The Instagram Shopping feature allows you to tag your products in your posts and stories, as well as making them available for customers to find them through the app’s search function too. Once a customer sees a tag on a product they like, they can click through to see an image of the item, a description, the price and a link to your website so they can buy it.

Rather than you showcasing a product in a post or story, and then driving customers back to your profile to find the link to your website, from where they will have to search for the exact item, Instagram Shopping takes them exactly where they need to go. It cuts out a number of steps and increases the chances that they will make that purchase.


Instagram Shopping: How to Set it Up

When it comes to taking advantage of Instagram Shopping, how to set it up is the first thing you need to know. Instagram has some strict rules about who can and can’t get involved, in an attempt to ensure only legitimate brands can advertise through the feature.

In order to work out if you are eligible for Instagram Shopping, here are some of the stipulations:

  • You must be in one of the many approved countries. Thankfully, the UK is one of these.
  • Your profile needs to associate with a Facebook catalogue for your goods. You can set this up through your business page or on Facebook Business Manager.
  • You should mainly sell physical products.
  • Your Insta account must be a business account.
  • Accounts with age or country restrictions are not permitted.

If you match all of these factors, the next step on how to set up Instagram Shopping involves submitting your account for review by Instagram. This might take a couple of days to process, but you will soon have your answer and, hopefully, be ready to get going.


How to Add Instagram Shopping Tags

People can see all your products at your Instagram Shop, where you display them all in one place. But you can also send people through to the shop by adding Instagram shopping tags. These show up on your posts, signified by a shopping bag icon in the corner of the image. When a customer taps such a photo, a pop-up appears by each product which shows the prices of the item and creates a direct link from your post to the product page on your shop.

There is a limit of five Instagram Shopping tags on a single image and up to twenty on a carousel post. To add Instagram Shopping Tags, you simply:

  • Upload your image.
  • Adjust the filters, location data, hashtags and caption.
  • Once you land on the Share screen, tap the option to ‘Tag Products’
  • Enter the product name in the search box and select the correct product to tag.
  • When you are finished tagging, hit ‘Done’ and share the post to your Instagram profile.

If you want to add Instagram Shopping Tags to your stories, add your image or video and then hit the ‘Stickers’ button and add the ‘Product’ sticker. Add the correct product from the choice in your catalogue and move it to the position you would like it in the story.


Benefits of Instagram Shopping For Business

There are a host of great benefits of using Instagram Shopping for business. The convenience it brings your customers is key. As Insta becomes more and more popular, it is attracting users from Facebook and Twitter. However, it has not traditionally been a good app for sharing links. Whereas Facebook and Twitter posts can send users to exactly the right page, the only link you could add in Insta before the Instagram Shopping feature was a single link in your bio. This was no good if you wanted to showcase a range of products.

Now customers can see your goods in action and discover exactly where to buy them in seconds. The amount of custom you could lose when you expect users to travel to your bio, to your website, to your search facility and finally to the product is potentially huge. Instagram Shopping makes it simpler and, therefore, converts better for you.

The feature allows you to show off your products in a natural, non-pushy way. Instagram posts show customers how your products work and look when in use as part of the flow of their feed, rather than sticking out as being too commercial. This feels much less of a hard sell than taking out a traditional advert, which many will appreciate.

Instagram Shopping also helps with influencer marketing. Rather than using influencers in your sphere simply for brand recognition, you can have the influencer provide a direct link to your product and drive sales directly.

If you want help setting up Instagram Shopping and building your brand on the most exciting of all the social networks, book in a free 20-minute consultation




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