Building your mailing list is an essential tool in moving your business forward, but it is only part of the battle. You need to know what to do with this database in order to turn recipients into customers. You need to hit them with email campaigns that they open, read and act upon. Before you put a finger to your keyboard, take a look at this essential email camapign marketing checklist.


Grab Their Attention

Your first task is to get the recipient to actually open your email. They can’t buy your products if they delete the email as soon as it pops up, so grab their attention. You need a striking headline, of course, but you also need to consider the first few lines of text, which will appear in the preview pane of their email client.

The content needs to be punchy, straight to the point and it must encourage further reading. Tease an offer that is situated deeper down in the email, promote an exclusive piece of content you are giving away – give people a compelling reason to open that email.


Keep your Email Campaign Relevant

There is a reason people signed up to your email list, so don’t veer too far off-topic. Yes, email newsletter marketing is about moving people from being ‘interested’ to becoming customers, but you can only shift people so far from their expectations. They need to know that this email is designed specifically for them and their interests.

If you sell bananas and people have signed up to your ‘We Love Bananas’ list, don’t suddenly start trying to sell them hamburgers. Your mailing list is a collection of people with a shared interest, so concentrate on moving them on to banana milkshakes or banana bread rather than coming completely out of leftfield and watching as those unsubscribe notifications roll in.


Use a Clear Call to Action 

You should have already worked out what you want to achieve with this email. With that in mind, make the call to action as clear as possible.

Do you want the recipients to visit a specific page of your website? If so, a big button marked ‘Visit the Buy Bananas Page’ would make sense. Do you want them to sign up to your banana bread baking workshop? Use a bold colour for the text that should read ‘Call Now to Book Your Place’.

It seems obvious, but a surprising number of email newsletter marketing shots bury their message amongst vast tracts of text or take three lines to say something they could have written in four words. People are busy, they scan-read a lot of emails, so tell them exactly what you want them to do. They will appreciate the guidance.


Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Seriously – you can’t recall this email when you hit ‘Send’. If your spelling or grammar is off, it’s a direct reflection on your company.


Check the Design Works on all Formats

Your potential customers will open this email on desktops, mobiles or tablets, so it needs to look perfect on each platform. Optimise the images to make sure they load quickly.


Check the Design Works in Plain Text

If a recipient opts to open the email in plain text, it still needs to look professional and enticing.


Is Your Information Up-to-Date and Do Links Work?

Sending out-of-date information to your mailing list can result in frustration for people who act on your calls to action only to find out you’re not offering what you promised. In addition, if they want to act but find broken links, you miss out on a sale.


Include Contact Details

Another seemingly obvious point, but there is no point whipping your email campaign recipients into a state of excitement about your business, only for them to not actually be able to find you either online or at your physical premises. It’s surprisingly easy to forget.


Include Your Social Media Links

In addition to your contact details, give your mailing list recipients the opportunity to follow you on social media too. It’s another great opportunity to keep your brand in their minds.


Ensure You’re All Legal

There are some strict Data Protection laws in this and most other countries, particularly with the introduction of GDPR this year. Make sure you’re compliant and add in an unsubscribe option to your email campaign too.


Track Your Email Campaigns

Make sure you review the email and its performance afterwards. Did it bring in enough new business? Did enough people open the email? Did you receive more or fewer unsubscribes than usual?

These details can help you tweak your email campaigns and become a mailout blitzing machine!


Help With Email Campaigns Checklist

If you need help putting any of the above into action, Supportal can help you. We have content, design and marketing experts waiting to craft your perfect mailout and bring you in a whole load of new business. Contact us today to chat about what we can do for your business.

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