The social media landscape is such an important one for brands, but it is always changing. You can drive engagement and leads through every single platform, from Facebook to TikTok, however, you do need to keep up to date with the various algorithm changes to take full advantage. These social media trends of 2020 will help you plan and execute your social strategy as effectively as possible and keep you visible in your fans’ feeds.


Video Remains Strong

Video has been the king of content in recent years and that will continue as part of the social media trends of 2020 and beyond.

Although it is tempting to just see YouTube as a hosting site, it is also a social network in its own right and it is the second most popular in the world right now. Only Facebook has more active users, so dismiss it at your peril.

Instagram’s IGTV is becoming even stronger after a shaky start, with last year’s introduction of landscape videos offering more opportunity for content creators to play around with the app. Insta also released its brand new video vehicle recently – Reels.

Reels is one of the top social media trends of 2020, allowing users to create short, fun videos with effects, filters and music clips, before sharing them on their Instagram profiles and in the ‘Discover’ section of the app. It is seen as a rival to TikTok, which is another recent social media video sensation. Reels works very similarly to TikTok, but has the bonus of being attached to the much more ‘grown-up’ Instagram, which may appeal to marketers and businesses that feel TikTok is a tad too young for their target demographic.


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Brands Focus on the Metrics That Matter

There is a chance that we may soon see the death of the ‘like’. Once the key metric for proving social media marketing success, the trend now is to value interactions and engagement more. Facebook and Instagram have even attempted trials where they eradicate likes from posts completely!

The big networks are adjusting their various algorithms to take into account more substance in social use. They value conversations more than short-term spikes in likes, making engaging content all the more important.


It’s All About Conversations

Brands are now looking into how they can embed themselves in conversations happening online. This is called ‘social listening’ – working out the tone and nature of the conversations happening between potential customers and then introducing brands into them.

It takes a lot more effort than simply copying another person’s meme and posting it, but it does create a stronger bond with the people you want to buy your products or use your services.

This means targeting users ever more precisely. Talking about passions and interests that mean a lot to the people you want to appeal to. Yes, you want as many followers as possible, but the real value comes in gaining the right sort of followers. The ones that will spend their money with you.


Social Media Trends 2020 and Beyond Supportal
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Focus on the Stories

Another of the big social media trends of 2020 and beyond that shows no sign of stopping is Stories. Instagram borrowed their Stories concept from Snapchat and has gone on to own the space. However, Facebook Stories are currently challenging Insta for the crown in terms of daily posts.

These temporary 24-hour posts can bring in plenty of interaction in their short lives. Use the polls or questions widgets to engage your audience and keep your brand at the top of their mind.


Influencers Continue to Influence

Influencers are still providing some of the big social media content trends of 2020, but brands want more from them than just exposure. As with the downturn in the importance of likes, it is no longer about spreading your message to as many accounts as you can. Focus is the key, and this is behind the rise of the micro-influencer or nano-influencers.

These are not celebrities with millions of followers. They are users who specialise in certain focused topics and have a dedicated audience (which could be just a couple of thousand strong) who are incredibly interested in this content. Find the micro-influencer closest to your sector and they could refer a lot of interested parties to your brand.


Social Media Trends 2020 and Beyond Supportal
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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Help Making the Most of Social Media Trends of 2020

If you want help making the most of social media trends of 2020, talk to Supportal about looking after your accounts. We can advise on the best content to post on social media, creating stunning images and engaging copy, as well as leading all aspects of your social media strategy.

We stay on top of the social media content trends of 2020 and further into the future to help you promote your business online.




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