In this day and age, many small business owners are looking for ways to reach, contact and connect with their customers and clients on a personal level. With technology the way it is, it is now possible to do so on many levels. The whole communication process feels like you are talking and interacting directly with them, even by email.

Marketing automation may seem like a frightening and scary thought but these days with the world wide web and training systems implemented by platforms such as MailChimp and Mailigen they make it super easy to understand.


So, what is marketing automation? 

Marketing automation is a way of engaging with your customers at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way.


How do I start?

Look at and identify your system, you receive an email, you write a reply, you ask questions, you send information. It takes time but by introducing marketing automation to your business you will learn exactly what your customer wants and needs. Marketing automation uses triggers that are either pre-built or customised depending on what you need. Once you have identified these the implementation scheme will be simple.


Why use marketing automation?

Your first step to implementing any kind of marketing automation on your platform is to look at what your customers need from you, for instance, when your customers choose to contact you through your website you can install an automated response that can send information about you, your business, your products and any other useful information that you would normally send but instead of you having to put in time and effort each and every time it is done for you.

Not only that you can create automation updates for personal dates such as birthdays, which shows that you care about your contact. We all like to feel special.

If you have an online store you can now connect your account to MailChimp which will help you to sell more and understand the data of the sales process, such as abandoned baskets, asking for feedback and also provide useful follow on information.


There are numerous ways to use the automation

I would suggest identifying your marketing steps and looking at how you can enhance your services or products before attempting marketing automation and really look at what message you are trying to portray.

MailChimp has a fantastic Getting Started page. It is well worth taking ten minutes to read before you think about setting up your steps to a more streamlined service.

If you think this task is time-consuming why not have a chat with Supportal to see what we can do for you today.


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