Interesting & Bizarre National Days in July You Can Post About

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Have you ever sat at your desk, staring at that blank screen with no idea how to fill it? Yeah, us too. It happens to EVERYBODY. Whether you want to create an engaging blog post or bring in some sweet social media interaction, sometimes your mind just goes blank. That is why it’s handy to have a list of national days in July to spark some inspiration.

As you know there is pretty much a date for everything with a hashtag to go with it, making national dates a brilliant way to top up your marketing calendar. At first glance, you might question how relevant they really are to your business but if you really take a minute to think about it its actually a perfect opportunity to speak to your ideal audience whatever industry, product or service you may be offering. It’s not about shouting at your audience it’s about communicating with them using a language they understand and can relate to.

If you haven’t yet thought about your content for July and still stumped about what to put out there these national days will definitely get your creative juices flowing.


A quick reminder as to why strategic marketing has so many benefits:

• It keeps you and your business topical and up to date
• It helps you plan and schedule a bulk of content all in one go
• When people are searching for details about those national days there’s a chance you will be there making you more visible to a larger audience


July Content Ideas

Here is a list of the national days in July that can spark those all-important content ideas.


July 1st – International Joke Day

Everyone knows at least one joke, so try sharing your favourites, a collection of the best gags you’ve curated from around the office or ask for some interaction from social media fans, it’s likely they have some good jokes to share.

Hashtag – #jokeday


July 2nd – World UFO Day

We’re all a little obsessed with what lies beyond the earth, so have some fun with this. Fans can share their favourite alien movies or maybe their own UFO stories too.

Hashtag – #UFODay


July 4th – Barbecue Day and Independence From Meat Day

Not only is July 4th Barbecue Day, but it’s also Independence from Meat Day. Can you create some great meat-free barbecue recipes to tie them both together? Or could you be a bit devilish by playing them off against each other?

Hashtag – #BarbecueDay and #IndependenceFromMeatDay


July 6th – International Kissing Day

Nostalgia is a great way to spark interaction on social media, so try celebrating International Kissing Day by asking for stories about your fans’ first kiss. This may not be relevant for everyone’s audience but could be used well by some brands.

Hashtag – #KissingDay


July 7th – Tell the Truth Day

This is one of the national days in July that could really spark some great stories for your content. Would it be a challenge, to tell the truth for a whole day and blog about it? Even if someone asked you something where it would be kinder to tell a little white lie and save their feelings?

Hashtag – #TellTheTruthDay


July 12th – Simplicity Day

Bring together some handy hints on how your readers can make their lives simpler. It’s great to step back once in a while and really think about whether all the complicated elements of your existence, from devices to gym classes, are really helping you live your best life. Find and write about alternatives to the stress points of modern life.

Hashtag – #SimplicityDay


July 15th – Get Out of the Doghouse Day

Here’s another of the more bizarre but fun national days in July. It’s an awareness day to help people attempt to reconcile their differences. Suggesting ideas for gifts that might get you out of the doghouse would go down a storm here.

Hashtag – #GetOutoftheDoghouseDay


July 19th – Talk in an Elevator Day

This is a national day to encourage people to fill those awkward silences. Blog about the ultimate ice breakers and visitors to your website will thank you later!

Hashtag – #TalkinanElevatorDay


July 21st – Junk Food Day

We all love nothing more than breaking away from our usual diet to gorge ourselves on something greasy, fatty and hugely tasty. Rate the various delicious junk food options in your local area and get your followers to provide their fantasy junk food night menu.

Hashtag – #JunkFoodDay


July 23rd – Gorgeous Grandma Day

Show off your team’s grandmas and let your fans and followers see the women behind the workers. People love a peek behind the curtain at their favourite brands and this is a really engaging way of achieving that.

Hashtag – #GorgeousGrandmaDay


July 27th – Parents’ Day

Parents have a stack of great stories ready to go that feature the funny and cute things their children have done. This makes great content, so encourage the parents to spill the beans on Parents’ Day.

Hashtag – #ParentsDay


July 30th – Cheesecake Day

Cheesecake recipes are the order of the day on Cheesecake Day. Start your readers salivating as they dream about tucking into the creamy, crunchy cheesecake of their dreams!

Hashtag – #CheesecakeDay


Use the National Days in July to Your Benefit

You can use those suggestions or come up with ideas of your own, but the key is to make the most of this strategic marketing opportunity and plan. Let us know how you get on.



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