How to work with a VA content writer to create killer blogs

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One of the key areas of your digital marketing strategy should be your blog. For small businesses, this is a great way of going up against the bigger firms that have larger budgets. A well-written, carefully targeted, and SEO-focused blog post can bring in traffic organically, keep people on your site and turn them into customers. But you need someone for the job who knows what they are doing. This is why you should use virtual assistants. With an expert content writer on hand, they can lighten the load when it comes to your blogging helping you become consistent and found.

With a virtual assistant blogger, you only pay for the articles they create. You don’t have to bring in a full-time content specialist, especially if you don’t need a large amount of writing produced every month. You get all the benefits of a professional content writer, but with added convenience. Here’s how to utilise a virtual assistant to help your business grow online.


What Can a VA Content Writer Do?

VA content writers are bloggers and static web copy specialists who you can hire on a one-off basis or as part of a retainer package to provide articles for your website. Whereas your main web content on the informational pages may stay the same or just need minor tweaks every so often, the blog is the place for a stream of fresh content to keep the search engines happy and increase your chances of being seen by new users.

When blogging first became popular, many thought that it was just a passing trend. But it has stuck around – and more than that only strengthened over time. Gary Vaynerchuk Click To Tweet


How to Use a VA for Blogging

These are the main ways that a virtual assistant blogger will help your business grow online:

1.   Improve Your SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. This is the art of making a website appealing to Google, Bing, and the other search engines so that it ranks higher up and maximizes views. A large part of this is to do with the words that you use and how you use them.

Not only will a VA content writer be able to bolster your SEO for your main targeted keywords, but they will also be able to create blogs that help you rank for related terms. This provides more opportunities for users who are interested in your niche to find you by making sure you show up in more of their searches. By ranking for as many keywords as possible within your industry, you stand the best chance of new customers finding your site when they are looking to spend.

2.   Provide Fresh Content

Creating fresh content has two main benefits. Firstly, search engines love websites that are updated and provide new information. This shows that it is a developing project and has not been left to rot with outdated details still on display. Search engines want to find the most relevant results for their users because, if they don’t, they will lose them to an engine that better serves their needs.

The other benefit is new articles and blogs give current customers a reason to return to your website. If they buy into your brand or love your articles about matters that speak to them, they will keep coming back to find out what you have to say next. If you have them on your website, you have the chance to convert them into a customer.

3.   Become the Authority

You do not have to be the biggest fish in the pond to be the authority. You just have to be the smartest. Getting VA content writers to produce a series of blogs that exactly target your customers’ pain points and provide them with the solutions they need is the way to be the authority on your subject.

The more people come to your site and find the best answers out there, the more likely they are to return and spend money with you. It also helps more people find you, as concise and clear answers to problems are often highlighted in the results on search engines like Google. This catches the attention of the searcher and gives you the edge over the other results.

4.   Save Time Researching

Even though you live and breathe your industry, a good blog needs decent research. As a business owner, you simply do not have the time to put in the hours to look at the most effective keywords, the latest SEO advice, the finer details of the big developments in your sector, and all the other elements that make up an effective blog.

A virtual assistant blogger takes on all this work in order to produce the best possible piece that will work wonders on your website.

5.  Language Skills

Another reason to outsource to a virtual assistant content writer is that they have developed the language skills required to create powerful and persuasive blogs that also hit all of the necessary SEO points. Being a blog writer is not just about knowing the subject, being able to write brilliantly, and being a salesperson; it is all three and much more besides.

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Being able to outsource this service brings these many benefits, but without the long-term commitment.


Ready to Work with an Expert VA Content Writer?

Blogging for business is one of the many services we offer at Supportal because we understand how vital it is in marketing a business. The many benefits of having a regularly updated blog, with careful research, optimised language, and targeted calls to action can help you beat the competition in your niche.

Want to talk about providing blogs for your website? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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