How to Make the Most of Virtual Assistant Skills – Content Repurposing

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Content, Virtual Assistants

Content repurposing is just one of many virtual assistant skills. It is also a skill that can save you a great deal of time, can truly install you as a thought leader in your field, and provides an excellent return on investment on your VA.

Sounds pretty impressive right? And it is! And yet, so many businesses don’t even consider it. They spend hours and stacks of cash constantly churning out new material on their blogs, websites, and social channels when there is just no need to.

This is where you can gain an advantage. Read this article to find out why and how.


What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is the act of using the content that you have in different ways across a range of media. This means that one lot of research to create a piece of content doesn’t just disappear into the ether after a couple of days. It can form a blog, then a series of social posts, then form the basis of a podcast and so on. The opportunities are endless.

You should try and make a real impact with your content marketing and often you create a piece of content that really hits a nerve, it is a shame if all the work that went into it just dissipates afterwards. With content repurposing, you breathe new life into it once, twice, three times…as many times as you like! And it keeps going and keeps engaging your target audience.

The process of generating new ideas for standalone content is labour-intensive. Repurposing eases that pressure as you find new ways of presenting the same content. It also means you get more from your virtual assistant for the fee you pay as reusing the same content in multiple different ways is a much smarter way to work.


Ways to Use Virtual Assistant Skills for Content Repurposing

These are some of the ways that a virtual assistant helps you with content repurposing.


Creating a detailed content strategy

When you task a VA with repurposing content, you can build a much more detailed content strategy to keep your best pieces in circulation. Your VA can plot it as a timeline, showing you when each piece of content will go out and allowing you to visualise how the different ways of presenting the information feed into each other to keep your target audience entertained, informed and engaged.

Rather than simply plotting a piece of content and then a bit of promotion, you can look at the important topics for your audience and really consider the best ways to reach those potential customers in every single corner of the internet they might be.

You cast your net further and wider. You craft each post to be its own content in its own right, but also to drive traffic to the other pieces of the same puzzle. Your content strategy can really breathe when your VA works on the promise of creating fewer, better quality projects and then works on novel and effective ways of communicating them.


Sharing on social media

The very simplest, most basic way of repurposing content is to post about it on social media. This is a cornerstone of content virtual assistant skills. It alerts your audience to the fact that you have created a piece of content and sends them there.

But your VA can help to level up how you share to social media to make it pop when people are scrolling through their feeds. For example,  if you have a blog post they can pull some intriguing quotes out and create stunning images to display them and encourage people to click through.

And that is just one level. Sometimes using socials to guide people to your website isn’t the key aim. Your Instagram can be your business nowadays in its own right. Curating an engaging and consistent feed builds your brand and can lead to sales on that platform or direct contact with you from followers looking to buy your products or services.

Maybe your blog featured some contentious arguments. Get your VA to pull a key quote, make it into an image and start a debate in the comments section. Interaction is pure social media gold and the more activity in the comments, the more the algorithm shows your post to people.

In addition, you can then use these arguments to create a blog post summing up the debate!



Crossing media

That was just one example of crossing media, but that is a big part of content repurposing. Your VA can take any piece of content in any form and turn it into something else.

If you make videos of you giving talks, interviewing thought leaders in your field, undertaking reviews or anything else, your VA could turn that into a podcast. They take the audio, edit it so it makes sense without the pictures, add some production elements to it and put it out through Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere else people get podcasts. See how it increases your potential audience?

Maybe you make an audio-only podcast. In this case, one of the virtual assistant skills could be to take interesting, provocative or funny clips and turn them into audiograms. These are videos to illustrate the audio. It might be a still picture with a sound wave pulsing or a video that relates to the content. Either way, it makes these clips more shareable and, therefore, reaches new potential audience members.

You can also turn video interviews into blog posts, photo galleries into Reels, turning dry research into vibrant, shareable infographics and so on.


Managing mailing lists

Your mailing list is another way in which your VA can recycle old content into something new. People who have signed up to your list want to hear from you. When your email drops into their inbox, they are likely to want to read it and that provides an opportunity. They may have missed the blog post, and they may not have been on Twitter when you shared that insightful tweet, but the mailout is there, in their inbox, waiting for them to open it up.

Your VA can craft a perfectly targeted email to send to subscribers and, within that, they can repurpose much of your best recent content to go out to these fans of your brand. It’s a powerful way to market to people who are already invested in what you do.


Ready to Take Advantage of Content Virtual Assistant Skills?

If you want your content to work harder for you, whilst you work less on your content, a VA is a perfect way to achieve what seems impossible. The return on investment with a VA is already a powerful reason to outsource but add to that the efficiency of repurposing content and you have a winning combo. For help with reworking the best bits of your creativity, download our content repurposing planner and take the first step towards engaging even more customers.

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