Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Here’s How our clients are adapting during covid-19

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The whole world finds itself amid an economic crisis, the likes of which we have never seen before, affecting our lives, the way we interact with friends and family and, of course, the way we work.  Lockdown and social distancing continue, still disrupting everything we know. Key workers are still there on the frontline risking everything,  but aside from them, some are still working, with most doing so from home. Others have had to furlough themselves or their staff, or had to stop trading, which has led to a rise in claims for Universal Credit and government grants.

Many companies have managed to roll with the punches, some have even opened up new revenue streams to compensate for the traditional trade they have lost. Although some businesses might not be able to convert to running an online operation, there are always ways to transition and implement new working practices and ideas. They might not help in the current climate but having this flexibility will serve you well in the future. Adaptability is the key.

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Moving your business online can be a daunting move to make, especially if it’s unfamiliar territory. In fact, you may have been purposefully avoiding it. Which is exactly why we have been keeping an eye on some of our clients, knowing how hard the potential impact of the pandemic could be on them. We were delighted to discover that they have not shied away from the challenges at hand and have adapted to this strange new world.

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures!”

We spoke to two of our clients to find out how they have responded to Covid-19. In just a matter of weeks, they have managed to spin things around quickly and discover a solution that allowed them to continue to function and serve their customers. This information will give you an insight into what you could be doing right now to help you prosper in these trying circumstances.


How businesses have been adapting during Covid-19


In-House Recruitment

This company does not mess around. They usually hold a multitude of live events every year, which could not happen while social distancing measures are in place. They had to move quickly. Elena very kindly gave us some insight into the action they took to survive and thrive.

“In today’s challenging and uncertain times, In-house Recruitment has swiftly adapted by transitioning our in-person events into virtual events. This ranges from webinars, virtual breakfast events and conferences – all of which will be on our interactive digitalised platform.

Our community remains strong throughout the recent changes brought by COVID-19. The virtual events and content we share focus solely on providing in-house recruiters with the means to continue recruiting with efficiency, innovation and success. How? From continually engaging with people and using this insight to drive everything that we do. Staying in tune with the needs of our community means tailoring business in a way that adapts to the current predicament while still encompassing our overarching goal of enhancing in-house recruiters’ ability to recruit.“

Elena Carruthers

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Here’s How our clients are adapting during covid-19 Supportal
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We salute this company! Setting up webinars, online events and communicating this with a vast number of customers is not an easy job. Find out more about In-house Recruitment here.


Dexter Simms (Mula Cake)

CEO and award-winning entrepreneur, Dexter Simms owner of multiple businesses, tells us about the transition he made while taking the time to bring other ideas to life.

“Since COVID-19 and quarantine, I’ve had to adapt quite a bit when it came to my businesses. I own a retail shop and a community hub, which allowed me to be in contact with a lot of people day in and day out. I had no problem with adapting because I had a lot of behind the scenes work pile up. Having a shop always lead me to new businesses which left a lot of paperwork and different workload unfinished.

I put into significant effect everything that I had planned to do online and speeded it up. I always had plans to start an online radio station, and by being stuck in our houses, I had the time to launch the radio station sooner rather than later. I’ve always worked towards accumulating a lot of intellectual property, but now we are locked In I’ve catapulted it to the forefront of my thoughts. I’m currently halfway through writing my audiobook and doing my online course, which is both intellectual property. I also started music because I want to gain some Shopify YouTube and monetise it.

In terms of having to adapt yes, I’ve had to adjust my clothing line and the children’s holiday club. I had to bring my children holiday club online, and clothing has slowed down dramatically, but I’ve used this time very wisely to build my community around my brand and get ready for the launch of a new clothing season.”

Dexter Simms

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Here’s How our clients are adapting during covid-19 Supportal
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This man never rests; he is always innovating, motivating and supporting his community; it doesn’t surprise us that he is up to so much in the background. We look forward to reading your audiobook. Find out more about Dexter and what he does here.

So, what can we take away from the above?

Both companies have worked hard to communicate with their customers online and create a community with them at the centre. You can transform your offline offering into an online equivalent, or you can use this new set of engaged followers to make sure you are busy as soon as lockdown ends. The key is to be visible now, continue to add value and be remembered.


Help is at hand

Supportal has been supporting clients remotely for over four years now. How have we adapted? Well, we haven’t had to. Instead, what we did was re-evaluate the wants and needs of our ideal audience and existing clients to continue to serve them during these difficult times. With businesses still functioning, we are still supporting and assisting every day.

If you need help adapting during Covid-19 or want to improve your online presence, Supportal can help. Get in touch today to chat about your requirements.

Take advantage of our free consultation to see how we can turn this crisis into an opportunity.


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