Supportal has been Nominated for Three South London Business Awards

Supportal has been Nominated for Three South London Business Awards

I have exciting news to share with you – Supportal Business Services has been nominated in three categories at the South London Business Awards! I’m delighted with this, as Supportal is not just my business; it is also my passion. These nominations show that both my peers and the public value the work we do at Supportal and that is extremely pleasing.


South London Business Awards Category

At the ceremony on 31st October, Supportal will be up for Best Business With Under 50 Employees, Best Local Business and the People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice Award was nominated by the public, such a lovely compliment to receive.

The Best Business With Under 50 Employees award is open to all businesses in the 12 London boroughs below the Thames that employ fewer than 50 people. Best Local Business recognises those of us who are independent and doing our own thing. The businesses that provide vital goods and services from a base in South London to customers from all over the country and even the world!

All in all, I am highly honored to be a part of this event and to be recognised alongside some of South London’s brightest and best companies. The competition is fierce, but that’s the way it is every day in the real world and that is the challenge that drives me and the other business owners who have been nominated.


South London Business Awards Gala Dinner

Obviously one of the best bits about being nominated for three awards is the opportunity to attend a swanky gala dinner. I’m really looking forward to the night and the chance to network with people who are in the same boat as me. Other entrepreneurs who are running their own business and dealing with the trials and tribulations that come with that.

The South London Business Awards are a celebration of excellence and innovation, and it is at these types of events that we can have fun, but also learn from each other. It’s a place to support each other, advise each other and generally talk all things business in South London.

The ceremony takes place at the Croydon Park Hotel on the 31st October and to be honest I can’t wait to meet up with other entrepreneurs on the night.


Thank You!

On a final note, I would like to say thank you to all of my clients past and present. Without you, I couldn’t do what I do. Whether you outsource a single task on a one-off basis, or we work together regularly, you have helped make my dream of Supportal become a reality and I am eternally grateful.

Also thanks must go to my friends and family for their support and to the judges and sponsors of the South London Business Awards. Keep your fingers crossed for some more good news when the winners in each category are revealed!


Three Years on and the Supportal Business Journey Keeps Rolling

Three Years on and the Supportal Business Journey Keeps Rolling

I can’t believe it’s three years since I stepped away from the grind of the nine-to-five and set up Supportal. Thank you for joining me on this ride. There have been ups and downs, but certainly more ups than downs and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Supportals Background

If you don’t know already, here’s the story behind my decision to launch my own business supporting companies across all sorts of different and exciting fields. I’ve always worked hard to put a roof over my daughter’s head but travelling and childcare costs were taking their toll and I knew something had to change. There had to be a way that I could provide for my little family on my terms. Yes, it would be hard work, but I’m certainly not worried about that.

The idea that I could be my own boss, be in charge of pitching for business, creating relationships and partnerships for my own company, yet still be there for all the important milestones in my daughter’s life was enough to drive me on. From that dream came the reality of Supportal. It was tough, but it was definitely worth it.


Early Years of Supportal

At first, it was me, myself and I. A solo warrior, ready to take on the world. I made mistakes. I will freely admit that. Anyone who starts their own business would surely be lying if they claimed they got everything right straight away. However, mistakes are there to help you learn, to enable you to refocus, to teach you lessons you will never forget.

The experiences of the early days of Supportal are some of the most important memories I have because I quickly started to understand what worked for me and my business, where the potential pitfalls are and how to avoid them. I soaked up everything that happened to me, processed it and used it as fuel to spur me onwards! As the clients started coming in, the business became busier and that was where the fun really began! My daughter watched and learned with me. She asked questions about what I did and was encouraged to try new things herself. That feeling when you know you have inspired someone close to you is magical. If you could bottle it, you would make a fortune!


The Supportal Team Grows

As the business grew, I started to bring in a small team of experts to work with Supportal and help me out delivering our services. I am very selective about who joins the team and anyone who does has to offer fantastic value for my clients. I have marketing and content specialists who I have worked with for a while now, who I trust and who I know are at the top of their game. The strict quality control I undertake before making a partnership ensures the work produced for my clients is as good as it can be.

These are mutually respectful relationships and I am proud to receive feedback such as this from Corin Goodman, our VA, and marketing guru:

“Chloe is a joy to work with and really goes the extra mile for her clients, and I’m grateful to be part of that. It’s a pleasure to support the work of Supportal Services and the great bunch of clients it serves. Chloe is really supportive, a great communicator and her determination and business success is an inspiration.”

Our main content writer, Jim Coulson, says:

“Working with Chloe is a pleasure. She is highly organised and she is always thinking of ways to add value to work, to come up with new ways of solving problems and presenting information. Supportal is a creative and fun environment with clear communication. Chloe deserves all the success it brings.”


Client Feedback

It’s not just co-workers who love Supportal. I’m so proud to receive these words of appreciation from clients as well:

  • “You are talented in what you do…communication was excellent and quick responses. Great work and I do strongly recommend your services to everyone.” – Ludimila Faria
  • “Chloe was excellent helping me with a small job I needed to be done quickly and efficiently. I will definitely be using her services more frequently going forward. I love that Supportal is a one-stop shop for all your business needs and that Chloe is so helpful and efficient.” – Megan Wilson
  • “Chloe is very willing to help as best she can to make a BIG impact. What I like about her is not only that she works hard to achieve what you’d like – she also makes suggestions.” – Charlotte Hunt


Work With Supportal

Thank you to everyone who has helped make Supportal’s first three years a success. Would you like to be part of the story too? Whatever your business needs, I can offer a FREE 30-minute discovery call where we can talk about what we can do for you. Book your consultation in now and you could work with Supportal soon. You can also take a look at our LinkedIn profile to connect there as well. If you have any questions, contact me today and I will be more than happy to help.