10 Useful Content Creation Tools to Help Your Business

There are a large number of useful content creation tools available online that can really help your business. Whether you are looking for social media content creation tools, apps to make your blog run more effectively, programs to create marketing videos or anything else you can use to build your brand online, someone has already created it. However, it is difficult to tell which are the best content creation tools. This is why we have put together our list of ten tools that you can start using today and which we know through experience will help you in your marketing efforts. Creating effective online content is an essential weapon in your armoury when it comes to getting ahead of your rivals. So we have put together a list of ten content creation tools that will save you time, save you effort and bring in results.


1. Canva

If you are looking for free content creation tools, the standard version of Canva is a powerful option. You can create beautiful images for social media and your website with the minimum of fuss. Not to mention offline branding, flyers, documents and more. Canva provides great-looking templates and an easy-to-use interface that means you can turn a photograph into a stunning social post within minutes, if not seconds. However, the Pro version costs less than £10 per month and takes things to another level. You can integrate video into your posts, both your own and from a large selection of stock clips. There are also more than 60 million stock images to use, you can instantly resize your images to optimise them for different networks, and there is the option to create your own brand kit so that everything you create fits together perfectly.


2. Yoast SEO

If you run your website on WordPress, then the Yoast SEO plugin is an essential content creation tool. It takes your blogs from being merely a collection of words to a mighty SEO powerhouse. Yoast tells you where you can improve your sentence structure, grammar and language use, as well as giving suggestions on how to implement keywords so that Google takes notice of your content. As free content creation tools go, Yoast is exceptional, and the paid version allows you to delve into even more SEO detail. If you want to give your content the best chance to shine, add Yoast SEO to your website today.

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3. YouTube Audio Music Library

Everyone knows YouTube is the place to watch and upload videos, but it also hosts one of the best content creation tools. The YouTube Audio Music Library is perfect for soundtracking your videos. It contains hundreds of royalty-free tracks for you to use on your videos without worrying about copyright. There are tracks from all manner of different genres in a host of different moods to ensure you will find something to match your clip. Some tracks require attribution, but you can use most as you like.


4. Mailchimp

One of the most powerful pieces of content is your email marketing. Undoubtedly the biggest name in this field is Mailchimp and for good reason. You can store your mailing list on this secure site and create great looking mailouts that convert from the available templates. There are also a large number of other features to analyse how effective your campaigns are, and to increase your conversion rate. With the tiered pricing structure come more features, but as a free content creation tool, Mailchimp is well worth integrating into your strategy.


5. Feedly

Feedly is one of the best content creation tools for finding both content from others to share on your socials, and blogs and articles that you can rework and improve. Both are effective marketing tools for businesses, and that is what makes Feedly such a powerful tool. The app filters through your social feeds and areas of interest to provide you with a list of articles that are relevant to you and your business. It cuts out the noise and allows you to focus on information that helps you build your presence.

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6. StayFocused

One of the biggest content creation challenges for small businesses is being able to concentrate on the task at hand. When you are writing a blog, you can easily be distracted by emails, messages and social media. StayFocused can block all websites except those that you specifically flag up as necessary for your task. This leaves you to get on with writing that blog.

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7. Reels

Video is the future of content, and Reels is the latest in a series of video content creation tools from Instagram. Following its IGTV innovation, Reels allows you to make 15 second clips featuring effects and filters that you can share to your main Insta profile. It is Instagram’s version of TikTok and contains handy features like Align, which allows you to line up the last shot of the previous clip with the first shot of the next clip for smooth transitions. Reels is a lot of fun for playing about with, but is also one of the best social media content creation tools for business too.


8. Buffer

There are many social media scheduling tools, but Buffer is up there with the best. You can collect all your major profiles in one place and customise posts for each channel before scheduling them all together. This digital content creation tool also comes with a browser extension that allows you to easily add an interesting post to your queue as you are reading it.

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9. Easel.ly

There are a few tools for creating infographics, but Easel.ly is up with the best. It takes information from Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents and turns them into beautiful and engaging infographics that are much more appealing to the viewer. You can begin using Easel.ly for free, but the upgraded options are very good value as well if you want even more features. This allows you to really turbocharge your content to build your brand.

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10. Ginger

Not only do you need to create content on a regular basis, but you also need to make sure it makes sense. If your grammar and spelling aren’t up to scratch, you might find users bouncing back off your site, which can affect your reputation with Google. Ginger is a great grammar tool to make sure what you write makes complete sense and provides the most significant impact it can.


More Digital Content Creation Tools

Find more digital content creation tools, as well as important business apps in our Must Have Digital Tools section, and don’t forget to contact us today if you want any help making your content stand out ahead of your rivals.

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