10 #Cunning Tips to Find the Perfect Instagram Hashtag

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Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for your business. Images and video are well known for attracting the attention of potential clients, but how do you make sure they see your content? The answer is through carefully targeted Instagram hashtags. With that in mind, take a look at these 10 #cunning tricks to find the perfect hashtags for your Instagram page.


What Do Industry Leaders Use?

Companies across all manner of different industries are on Instagram now, so check out the kinds of hashtags your rivals are using. Research those in your niche who gain the most interaction and borrow a few of their hashtags for yourself.

If it could bring a whole load of new eyes your way, it’s worth adding to your future posts. They could turn out to be the perfect hashtags for your Instagram page too.


Look at Instagram Hashtag Popularity

When you post to Instagram, as soon as you start to type a hashtag, it brings up suggestions based on the first few letters. More importantly, it tells you how many times those tags have been used.

For instance, if you post about fashion, it brings up this list as soon as you start to write that word.

‘Fashion’ is obviously a major hashtag in this industry, but with more than 500 million tags, you will struggle to get noticed. As you can have up to 30 tags in one post, you might still want to use #fashion as a positioner for your business. However, you should then look for variations that are in wide use but are not as oversubscribed as #fashion.

If you look for terms with between 20,000 and 2 million posts, you stand a chance of hanging around near the top for long enough to earn some sweet interaction when people click on that tag.



As Instagram no longer shows posts from accounts that you follow in chronological order, hashtags help you jump on current trends. If you have a piece of content related to the X Factor final, make sure you use the correct hashtags. As with the example of #fashion, aim for the tags within that sweet spot to capture fans searching for related content.


Following Hashtags

The opportunity to follow hashtags is a fantastic development for any business on Instagram. By choosing relevant terms for your business, your posts could appear in people’s timelines, even if they don’t follow you.

People often follow hashtags to answer problems or alert them to interesting information. The perfect hashtags for your Instagram page when it comes to follows could be things like #freefamilyactivities or #cheltenhampubs. If there’s someone out there who could benefit from your business, make sure they find you.


Hashtag Suggestions

Instagram itself can help you find your perfect hashtags! If you follow tags, take a look at the ‘Following’ section on your profile page. Select ‘Hashtags’ and partway down the page you’ll find suggested tags you are likely to find relevant. Obviously these are based on those you already follow, so do this on your business profile rather than your personal one!

It could throw up some suggestions you hadn’t even considered before, helping increase your reach.


Keep it Relevant

One note of caution when targeting hashtag followers is that you must keep your tags relevant to your post. If you add a silly selfie but tag it with #cheappetrol, followers of that hashtag can tell Instagram not to show your post. Although this is intended to improve a user’s stream, too many reports like this about your content could harm your rankings.


Avoid Spammy Hashtags

On a similar theme, do not use spammy hashtags to try and game the system. Tagging a post with #freebeer might gain some views, but people won’t interact in a way that will benefit your business. This could see the Instagram algorithm to bury your content.


Mix Your Instagram Hashtags Up

Another reason Instagram may penalise your posts is if you constantly use the same hashtags. It was once common practice amongst lazy marketers to merely post the exact same tags on each picture. Of course, there will be some crossover, but Instagram wants to know that each video or photo is there in its own right and adds something different.

It is a great idea to find new variations on the central theme of your business anyway, as that opens you up to even more potential new followers.


Community Hashtags

If you target certain, definable groups, it could be that there is already a thriving community around the perfect hashtags for your Instagram page. Community hashtags are hugely popular. Whether it’s #cambridgemums, #yorkshirevintagelovers, #labradorownersinglasgow or anything in between, you can leap into the conversation. Think about your target audience and find out which Instagram tags they already use to speak to each other.


Feature Accounts

If a feature account snaps up your content, you could earn a stack of new follows. These accounts collate the best posts under a certain hashtag and can have thousands of followers. An example is Live Folk, which reposts travel posts with the hashtag #lifeofadventure. If the page regrams you, it means a great deal of exposure in your chosen sphere. Take some time to research the feature accounts for your niche.


Need Help to Find the Perfect Hashtags for Your Instagram Page?

One of the services Supportal offers is to run your social media accounts. We use the latest trends to help you beat the algorithms and get your brand in front of as many people as possible.

See our Services page for more information on how we can help your business out. Contact us today to chat about your social media and content needs.

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