A Local Blog for Local People: Three Blogging Tips to Help You Own Your Local Area

Many businesses with an online presence view ‘going viral’ is a real aim. However, you need to question whether being seen worldwide actually has any benefit for your business. It’s great to rack up views and shares, but can you actually monetise your 15 minutes of fame in Papua New Guinea? Surely it is better to own your local area; the place where your customers live.


Viral Blog Statistics

The problem is that some marketers view overall statistics as their mark of success. If they have put the post in front of a million people, they see that as their end goal. But that’s just not true. The point of blogging and social media for business is to bring in customers. Your Papua New Guinea fans aren’t going to suddenly flock to use a recruitment agency in Milton Keynes because you shared a funny cat video.

If you are a global brand, worldwide views are important. If you are a local business, you will find it much more effective to concentrate on going ‘regionally viral’. Yes, the statistics won’t look as impressive, but your bottom line will be boosted and that is the most important figure of all.


How to Own Your Local Area

Here are three ways you can make an impact in your community. They help you put your brand in front of the people who matter most to you – people who could feasibly buy your products or use your services.


Become a Local Authority

Is there something in your local area that relates to your business and that you can become the go-to expert on? Maybe you are a cafe owner who knows all the best cycling routes in your town.

In that case, you could pepper your local blog with posts that offer help and advice to people who want to get on their bikes. Here are some example blog titles:

A Local Blog for Local People: Three Blogging Tips to Help You Own Your Local Area

  • The Five Best Cycle Routes in [Area]
  • Five Things You Need to Know Before Cycling in [Area]
  • Five Things You Only Know if You Cycle in [Area]

These help answer people’s Google searches or show off your local knowledge, or both. They are relatable for local people and can cause online debate, which sees your content organically shared around people who live near you. You could also earn some great referral traffic from presenting this information.

You can relate these posts back to your cafe by advising people to come to you for coffee to energise them for a ride or for cake to celebrate completing a route.

This can work for any combination of business and local information. An estate agent may want to show how great their area is for children by posting about family events and related topics. Not only is this a much searched topic, but it fits in nicely with a business that has an interest in showing people how perfect the area in which they operate is.


Be a Local Campaigner

An effective way to prove your local credentials is to become a community champion, leading local campaigns. Is the local playing field under threat? Write a blog about it, start a petition and provide a focal point for the local action.

Rather than passively retweeting people’s complaints, can you organise protests through your blog or social platforms? Set out a plan of action, an agenda for campaigning. Write passionately about what the playing fields mean to local people. Film people doing the same and share the videos. Your potential customers will read and share this content.

Alternatively, make stars of those who do great work in your area. Crown a monthly community hero and write a blog about them, celebrating their good work in the town or village. It could be a carer, someone who picks up the litter, someone who runs errands for the elderly, a person who plants flowers in the verges. If someone makes the community a better place, be seen to be rewarding that.


Jump on a Local News Story

Three Blogging Tips to Help You Own Your Local Area

A topical response to a national news story could get lost amidst the general noise of the internet. However, having fun with a local topic is much more likely to put you in front of your potential clients.

If the local football team appoints a new manager, an estate agent could write a blog highlighting the properties on their books that are suitable for him. Houses near golf courses, for instance. It’s fun, topical, shareable and it also shows off items you are trying to sell!

Is a famous singer coming to your local venue? Write a blog detailing a fun local itinerary they could stick to make the most of their visit. Obviously include your business in there, whatever it is that you do. This also shows off how dedicated you are to your local area.


Need Help Owning Your local Area With a Local Blog?

Supportal works with expert content writers who can make the most of your local blog. If you don’t have the time to concentrate on owning your local area, we will research and write SEO-focused and keenly targeted posts that speak to the people you want to contact. Talk to us today to find out more.


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